.298 Item Pickup Issue


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Date: 12-22-15

Version: .298 Xbox One

Time of Day: Day (tested)

Location: Desolation Point (Hibernia Processing Plant, Lower level)

Sandbox playthrough: Male (Voyageur) new .298 run 22 days.

Items on ground, Toque, and Leather are not able to be picked up, the pointer doesn't even recognize the item is there. cant "see" it, examine it, pick it up. This only happened (so far) in Hibernia Processing Plant in Desolation Point on the lower level. All other items I found in the plant could be picked up, however, those other items were not the Toque or Leather. I have a video of this as well:

https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=B ... ideo%2cmp4


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