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  1. I know, I keep asking. I also know y'all are EXTREMELY busy with Story and Survival mode updates. I have logged the first two episodes of the "Signal Hill Podcast", which features various post-apocalyptic or similar topics picked by Raphael and Patrick. I was hoping to see a new episode when time permits. Is there any interest in another episode? I do enjoy listening to them and would love to see more of them in the future! Thanks for your time, Joey.
  2. Given the layout of Great Bear and the upcoming story mode from Astrids POV, might there be a new region added to story and survival mode? New regions add quite a bit of content in their own right and change survival runs dramatically!
  3. I had tweeted about this before but a lot of people said no way. Will and Raphael look similar. Will and Raphael both talk the same (IMO). Will and Raphael both own a plane. Will and Raphael are both pilots ( I think). *Queues X-files music...
  4. I think Cabin Fever works just fine and I don't have a problem with it. That said, I would absolutely love to see these proposed changes to it. If this game and its devs have taught me anything, its to adapt to change and have an open mind about things. So yeah, why not!
  5. Ok Bear_Derby, got another idea(s). 1: ... sXHubQrLDc 2: On Home, pull the right trigger, and then press A to open My games and apps. Highlight the game, press the Menu button on your controller, and then select Manage game. Scroll to the right, highlight the saved data for your gamertag under Saved Data, and then press A on your controller. You'll be prompted to confirm deletion of this game save data: Delete from CONSOLE ONLY will remove the local copy of this save. You can retrieve it from the cloud the next time you play. Also look for "Reserved Space" option on the right, if its there, delete it too. This helped me get Halo Reach to run again on the Xbox One. This could cause save data loss if the Xbox One isn't connected to the internet and does not have a cloud save of The Long Dark available to re-sync with. Try these at your own risk, as always.
  6. +1 this issue as well. I lost my 706 day run this morning. Time to start a new run!
  7. How about launching TLD while not connected to the internet but still signed in or signed out even? ( " I've tried every form of rebooting and logging in and out" ). If you create a different profile and try to launch the game does it happen then as well?
  8. Has happened to me before. Did you try to unplug Xbox One power physically then wait ten seconds and plug it back in, also, is you XB1 set to instant on or power save mode? Some games don't work well in the instant on mode (Minecraft / Halo MCC).
  9. +1 this, It has happened to me multiple times as I have been in TWM for almost 400 days.
  10. I'm sorry you lost your progress, it happened to me as well a couple of times too at 120 days in (.301), but this is Alpha, these are the things that you take on when playing a game in its early stages. Thanks for telling Hinterland about this, I'm sure it'll be addressed soon.
  11. I didn't have any issue with save game loss after the .301 update. I was surprised others were still having save game loss issues. It was rather irritating but its an acceptable loss with an Alpha game. Its what we signed up for in a way. Yes, the object of sandbox is to see how long you can survive. I quite like this idea.
  12. Date: 2-1-16 Version: .302 Xbox One Time of Day: Day (tested) Location: TimberWolf Mountain & Crumbling highway Sandbox playthrough: Male (Stalker) 370+ days Animals get "stuck in place" when moving/running. The animals (Bear & Deer documented, rabbit undocumented) walk or run (after they were attacked) in place. Video link: ... 53&o=OneUp Thanks!
  13. Date: 1-31-16 Version: .302 Xbox One Time of Day: Day/Night (tested) Location: Mystery Lake & TimberWolf Mountain Sandbox playthrough: Male (Stalker) 350+ days The Long Dark crashes to dashboard intermittently, but only when EXITING a structure. The two structures I have had this happen in are; the Camp Office (Mystery Lake) & the Mountaineers Hut (TimberWolf Mountain). There was a previous issue with this on a previous update when EXITING the Camp Office. If I quit the game at the dashboard and reload it completely, it'll work again. Not sure if this is an issue with the game or the Xbox One, however, it doesn't crash anywhere else in the game or with other games. I have a feeling this might possibly be caused by the Xbox One being in instant on mode and not in power saving mode, so, maybe the ram in the system causes the game to crash? Thanks!
  14. Date: 1-24-16 Version: .302 Xbox One Time of Day: Day (tested) Location: Pleasant Valley & Desolation Point Sandbox playthrough: Male (Stalker) 200+ days Intermittently, at different times of the day only, The weather sound effects are missing when traveling around Desolation Point or Pleasant Valley (wind howl, blizzard sound effects) but the other noises like buildings, trees and animals are fine. This doesn't cause any other issues, but is deceptive in the fact you cant tell the weather conditions just by listening, therefore making it harder to predict the weather. I do have audio/video samples of this as well. This is a re-post of the original issue as the previous hot fix did not fix it. I have audio/video evidence of this happening. Thanks!