First aid - consume from inventory, bacteria and time delay


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I would really like to be able to consume my medicine - painkillers and antibiotics, bandages or even antiseptic - straight from the inventory, it works with the teas, so why not with the other first aid supplies.

It would be cool that if you bandage yourself first, then use antiseptic later, you would need to replace the old bandage with a new clean bandage to minimize the infection risk.

I don't actually know if you could soak your old bandage with the antiseptic and it would kill all the bacteria, but if I can I would definitely replace the bandage after I cleaned a wound.

Maybe have the option to either replace it or not, and if you don't there is still a small chance of getting a infection.

Also, I was watching some Youtuber the other day and he mentioned a delay for painkillers would be nice, I liked that idea too.

Something like a one hour delay on the painkillers and maybe antibiotics, that way you have to decide earlier if you think painkillers and/or antibiotics are necessary or you want to safe them, and can't throw them in when you hear a wolf growling so you can use your rifle or bow again.

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This needs to be addressed quickly. I've found that using teas from inventory does NOT work. You used to be able to consume teas from inventory before they got rid of the old menu, but now it's kinda broken.

Just yesterday I sprained my ankle and tried to heal it by drinking rose hip tea from my inventory. It didn't work. You have to go to the relatively new first aid menu.

One of two things must be done as it cannot be left the way it is without good reason.

1. Either it should be impossible to consume tea from the inventory so tea is not wasted when trying to heal an ailment


2. Consuming tea from the inventory should have the same medical effect that using the same tea does from the first aid menu.

I vote for 2 because the first option would not allow you to consume medicinal tea as emergency water and caloric intake, which I find myself doing often.

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