Unable to enter buildings after Bow breaks down


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I got no output log unfortunately

Currently I am at the trailer near Silent Clearing.

I leave the building (Trailer), bow is equipped

Encountering bear

Break down cedar limp

start fire

Shoot bear until it dies

Bow breaks (low quality)

I do some harvesting off the bear

Try to enter the trailer

screen fades when building would be entered, but no loading screen

I am still outside the trailer not being able to enter the trailer again

maybe it's has something to do with unequipping the broken bow.

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Hi there. First of all, I love this game. Thank you.

I have exactly the same problem with ML and the Trapper's Homestead. Went out, used bow, bow went to zero percentage, returned to TH and tried to enter it. First time, screen went black but I was still outside after it had faded in again. Now when I click the door nothing happens. Dropping or unequipping the bow does'nt help.

Couldn't find it in the FIXED-Section. Can you help me, please?

Thank you.

OS: Win7

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