Xbox One Gameplay issue (items)


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Date: 12-20-15

Version: .298 Xbox One

Time of Day: Day/night (tested)

Location: Multiple locations + Timberwolf Mtn.

Sandbox playthrough: Male (Voyageur) 509 days (previous save from previous update) not tested with a new game on the current update (save file missing issues).

I have noticed that items that used to stack, don't stack anymore (arrowheads, feathers and cedar/fir wood etc). This may be by design from the new update, but I would like to report it as a possible bug anyway. Another issue I had with items were bullets, sometimes they change from a stack of bullets to a box of bullets when stored in a container and retrieved from the container. All things above considered, it doesn't break the game in any way, it was just an observation.


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