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So, I thought of a few new areas in which we could explore and use to test our survival skills. I've noticed that the game gets a little...repetitive...after the first 20-30 days. So, here is a solution, if temporary, wherein we could find a challenge.

Mountain-type region: Going further inland from Mystery Lake, this region, high in the Rockies, has tall mountains, steep cliffs, and precarious ledges. Bighorn sheep and mountain goats roam the area, living off the few bushes that grow here. An abandoned hunting lodge would be your goal here, much like the Quonset Gas Station, Trapper's Homestead, or the Farmhouse. Few other places exist here, an old mining camp, a logging camp, and the occasional cabin for the mountain frontiersman. The narrow trails zigzag the mountain faces, and one wrong move could send you tumbling to an early death.

Tundra-type region: Far to the north, this desolate wasteland has little to speak of. An open expanse of shrubbery and the occasional stand of trees, there is little to protect the survivor from the elements. Polar bears and white-furred wolves roam the expanse, hunting the migrating caribou and protecting their homes. Cabins are few and far between; few have settled on this ice-covered plain. Survival is difficult, and not for the faint of heart or will.

Tell me what you think!

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1.Um... don't we already have Timberwolf mountain? And I think using rope is exciting. If specific animal which only lives in Timberwolf mountain It would be good.

2.It's good! It is Different concept between others and more difficult. And perhaps more night time?

You have suggestions better than me. :)

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