.298 update Save Data Loss


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Date: 12-16-15

Version: .298 Xbox One

Time of Day: n/a

Location: n/a

Sandbox Play-through: Male (Voyageur) 500 days & Female (Stalker) 38 days

After updating to the .298 update I lost both of my previous saves. I tried to close the game and restart the Xbox and when I came back, the 500 day run was there, but the 38 day run wasn't. I came back a bit later that day and noticed that my 500 day run was also gone now. So both saves are lost (deleted). Not a big deal, as I was excited to play again, but I thought this was worth mentioning.


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I did power cycle the Xbox One (completely unplug and plug it back in) and it looks like my 500 day run is there but my 38 day run is still missing. Credit to Alan Lawrance for that idea.

Edit: All new .298 game saves are missing after starting them, If you keep the XB1 offline then you can play them but if you go online the game saves get "deleted" or go missing. Power cycling doesn't help restore new game saves either.

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