[MAJOR BUG] 0.298 out of world inside cave of Secluded Shelf


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As title says.

This should lead to The Summit but, as can be seen in the screen, can not go further because if do so, then fall through the world. Please fix it.

p.s. this is not the fresh run. Loaded my old save, and went to Timberwolf mountain. Have a feeling its a bug for only those players who load an old save.


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I discovered some cave bugs on my way to Secluded shelf, too. I don't know if it's the same cave, as it is very large. It seems to have a second exit, but i am unable to reach it, 'cause of the bug ... or doesn't it hurt to just walk into the missing cave-parts? I would like to post some screenshots, but i am unable to enable debug hud (on OSX). Is it still available in the display settings on other platforms?

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