Old man's beard lichen unharvestable


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The selection point for lichen is lower than the actual image of the lichen, so reaching it can be confusing if you are trying to target the image. Don't stand directly under these, rather, stand to the side that gets you highest. Than aim below the bottom of the lichen fronds. There you will find the sweet spot and get to gather it.

Mentioned many times before.

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I know that, selfless. But this particular lichen is more difficult to harvest than other high-hanging lichen. I tried it from various different angles and it didn't work. Maybe it's not truely unharvestable because there is some very specific angle that allows you to grab it (as Eramon says), but it's definitely not a "normal" lichen either.

At least it wasn't in V.298 when I posted that screenshot. Maybe they fixed it in the meantime.

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