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Do you want to recommend a graphic novel or comic? Stick your recommendations here!

I shall start the ball rolling by recommending...

Simon Roy's Tiger Lung

It's a collection of Neolithic stories surrounding a shaman called Tiger Lung as he deals with the hunter-gatherer tribes problems with the supernatural and mystic forces of their world. The art is very detailed and vivid and the stories aren't half bad.

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Will definitely check this out soon. I'm a fan of the Prophet series, which I know Roy has worked on. :)

While I'm big into survival literature and film, I'm not as up on similar stories in the graphic novel format. But I'd love to learn more and I hope others stop by this thread and share some tips as you have. :)



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29 minutes ago, dmosbon said:

Outcast by Robert Kirkman - there are 3 volumes now and a TV show on FOX(which is very good also).

Looks promising! Will check it out. 

One I've been reading lately that's a total departure from The Long Dark, but not so much from the survival genre, is the excellent Aliens: Nightmare Asylum


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I am a pretty big fan of Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips

The Criminal series, Femme Fatale, Incognito, all of it. Just great stuff.

Sean Phillips color schemes (kind of like Dave Gibbons of Watchmen/Killing Joke fame) are on point. One of the things I am enjoying so much with TLD, kind of like TellTales' Fables or Firewatch to some extent.

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I haven't read Outcast either, so I will as well, Walking Dead and Invincible are both awesome books.

For Lovecraft fans I would also highly recommend Alan Moore's Necronomicon and Providence, both are just fantastic and a bit messed up.

Pretty much all things Alan Moore are a solid bet though.

Some other favorites I'll throw out there are Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron /Eightball by Clowes; The Innocence Of NIhilism (first book of Stray Bullets) by David Lapham and The Acme Novelty Library by Chris Ware - all a bit more Indie/Artsy side of things.

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