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I will admit, so far i've only played long enough to get from the new area to pleasant valley in an attempt to figure out where in pleasant valley the new area entrance is. However I do have some pretty strong feelings about the update thus far.

Cons -

Still lacking on crafting. While I'm guessing the new area are critical for the story mode and thats why we get a new one every update, I find them way less exciting as when depth is given to the existing game. There are a ton of request on the forums for sleds, smokers, clothing, and all sorts of craft able items. I'd much rather see these than a new area tbh.

Still no compass added to loot, no maps, no craftable map. I get it, its an exploration game, there will be all sorts of "just look at landmark people" but I find it hard to believe in a camp office and tons of cabins no one has even a compass or a map, let alone the ability to make one in game that will track where you been and locations you've found. leaving you to rely on outdated maps from google

There are a few other minor annoyances, but those are the big ones for me.


The new area is nice looking! I also love the rope add. I think its a good step to doing some really cool things! Will we see an option to move those ropes or do other cool things? It has a lot of possibilities. The lack of new loot is sad, but what we did get was awesome the flare gun is cool and i'm very excited about that. The deer animations look really good as well.

The changes to guns and knifes. I'm a bit on the fence of this one, but only given that the only way to make new ones is go all the way to DP. However that being said, i feel this change is more realistic and I do love that. I'm also hoping its a sign that more craft able options are coming.

The stat screen looks amazing! I love the new look on this alot!

Thats my thoughts sorry so long!

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