Robustness / Strength and instincts over the time.


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I seen it mention around some posts.

I would like to see my character get stronger and more rugged as the passage of time goes on (days... weeks.. months)

As time passes, we become stronger, the more time you are "encumbered" the stronger you become, able to carry a little tiny smidgen more than normal the next day you rest. Put a cap on this say.. total max of 40kgs (over weeks)

** (Before you say anything, I am a prior US Marine and i can tell you I was able to carry 40kgs during long marches)

The more you run and sprint, you will get a tiny increase in run/sprint time the next day. Again put a suitable cap.

Cold endurance. You physically are able to slightly resist a bit of cold as your body acclimates to the weather. Again a very slight modifier.

You become more efficient using tools, a slight time decrease modifier using knives and axes

The more you use your bow, the better accuracy and aim. Less wobbling of the bow.

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Conditioning and adaptation mechanics have been proposed be4, but without any apparent reaction from dev side.

Also, while soldiers can make a long marches with 40-50 kg loadouts, there is 2 factors in LD that are rather screwed on that part. First, in those 30kgs that protagonist can carry are also included clothes that he is wearing and rifle/bow. So, with current system, realistically were dealing with anorexic, who can barely carry amount that school kids carry every day without much problem. And second, there are no 10 mile hikes in this game, so technically player should be able to carry heavy loadouts for a limited distance without killing himself. But were stuck with anorexic.

And on top of that we cant even make basic transporting implements, like sleds.

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No 10 mile hikes? Well... that depends. I just walked from the Camp Office to the Dam, by way of the train tracks and I counted 665 paces. I would say that the footprints are about a yard apart. That makes a distance of just about 608 metres. Since time is accelerated x12, that is (walking time) equivalent of a 7.3 km (4.5 mile) hike. CO to dam is by no means the longest distance one walks in the game, so going by time spent walking, we do do 10 mile hikes.

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