Feedback from playing recently! Forging Arrowheads??!!


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Ok so I haven't played in a while..... Forgot how good this game is. If only Fallout 4 had all this stuff as well !

So immediately I noticed changes.

1) animal limp now and slow down when wounded! Brilliant! I requested for that...

2) now this annoyed me. Arrowheads! Now have to be forged?!! Are you kidding me?! I mean why can I not just make some sharp pointy wood arrows? And also you have to make birch and maple saplings more common. I mean it's all this busy work for a bow that is ultimately not very effective!!

3) give us the ability to make a Spear.

You know it's a difficult balance isn't it with this game. You don't want to make the player too powerful otherwise the game gets less challenging and ultimately boring. However, as a player, you have to have something to work towards that worthwhile and rewards your hard work as well.

Because if there's nothing that decent to work towards, the game just becomes a repetitive slog of day to day survival.

I mean you definately need something in this game to help you fend off wolves a little easier and to hunt with that is atleast moderately effective....

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I like your suggestions. Bullets are so rare, and predators are so abundant that there needs to be some basic crafting in place for spears, throwing rocks, anything really...

I find that even after 30+ days of survival, im having a really hard time progressing... I mean I still haven't been able to craft any animal gear other than deerskin boots..

The literally constant need satisfy the food, water, and sleep requirements is becoming exhausting, and leaves very little time for hunting, setting traps, and crafting/repairing.

Overall, this game is awesome. It just needs a little tweaking in a few specific areas.

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I'm playing on Stalker, and I've been managing my resources quite effectively.

Have enough Wolf and deer skins to make the animal clothing but need some more guts... But I have run out of bullets on the gun and have been lucky enough to find a single arrow for the bow I crafted... Thank goodness, otherwise that bow would be a complete waste of time... Seriously, forging arrow heads? Requiring finding the furnace, finding enough coal, heating the fire to the right temp etc etc.... Lol. Gimme a break. I do have a life, and a job, how many hours do they think we have?

I'm all for realism, but just give us a the option of sharpening wooden arrows... Perhaps slightly less damage.

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