#100 | Harvesting Simple Tools produces 1 Cloth v. 095


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Bug name: Harvesting Simple Tools produces Cloth

Bug description: When harvesting Simple Tools at 1% condition, I was supposed to get scrap metal, however the message displayed was "Cloth (1) added to inventory"

OS: PC Windows 7

Repro steps: Harvest Simple Tools

Video of Bug: Happens at 44:20

[bBvideo 420,255:3pdu1mnp]


Visibility: Unknown

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Ticket #100 created.

@Accurize If you see something like this in future, can you then please verify, if it was harvested as Cloth and Not Scrap or was harvested as Scrap Meta but the prompt was just wrong. If you do this, then we can cut out 1 thing in seeing if its just a wording problem, OR the whole harvesting of scrap metal was a issue, if you get my drift ??

Cheers mate, and keep it up :)

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