little thing i like to be in the game


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I'm a girl and I love this game THE LONG DARK, especially aventuriere I can play for hours and hours ....

Some things I'd like to see appear in the game it would be great and will help my game has

- A card not too easy but we know we will because it avoids to redo the same way ever

-for animals especially wolves, I have a hard time killing lorqu'ils attack me, can be a help to better defend ...

-I Like many plants, but there are not many, are we able to have more? For other potion?

-hygiene is never discussed in the game? this is voluntary, but it is very important for survival? NO?

And so the trouble I find has a time we turn around, we always repeated the same things even if it is great, but can be as few distractions would be welcome? No ? Made a guitar, read a little book?

And for light, for which there is no candles, I am very surprised about that?

continued I love this game!

8-) 8-)

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I'm not sure what you're asking in the first one.

If you have a knife, hatchet or crowbar it does making wolf defense a bit easier. keep in mind thou this game is pretty realistic so wolfs are going to be dangerous no matter what

I suppose there could be more plants, I'm not really good in that area, and I'm not sure what else you would make with them

Hygiene, i dont really think this is needed would just add another daily task I dont feel would be needed

I agree on this one, I would love a way to pass time without sleeping. I've heard rumors those books at some point may teach skills and be readable, but idk if that is true or how long it would take, I think it would be nice if it did take a long time.

I agree on this too, animals should have fat on them that can be harvested into candles.

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