V2.82 fir / cedar no longer harvest


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I started a new run on MP and was harvesting some fir and cedar logs not far from the hunters cabin, anyway after about day 5 thereabouts I can no longer harvest those logs? Is this a known bug, pretty sure I seen a post a while back about someone having sim issues?

Edit: playing further it seems some days I can harvest those logs and other days I cannot, so a random bug maybe. weather related?


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If you make a save that has this bug present it is possible to quit the game then reload the save & the bugged items are harvestable again. I did this on Mystery Lake inside the Forestry Lookout, and again inside one of the cabins by the Office. First was some furniture, second was the wood just outside the closest cabins.

*Ohh and again on Coastal Highway with the furniture & wood by the Lookout there.*

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