a recent near death experience


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i seem to always have these moments soon after i start the game. probably because my character is weaker and more vulnerable? but anyway, i started up my new game on stalker mode (after my 48 day run, ended by wolves)

i selected a random map, and it dropped me in desolation point, which i was excited for, as its my favorite starting area. the only problem is the huge amount of wolves everywhere. so i started off near the mine leading to the transition area between dp and ml. i just worked my way down the road, clearing out the few structures on the map: the church, the lighthouse, and the riken. then i made my way to hibernia processing. this place is usually always taken over by wolves, but i figured i could just sneak around and work around them, because thats where i planned to set up base. not to mention, the rifle that spawns 3 of 4 times inside, i would be able to take out the wolves with that, if needed. i went inside, no rifle. but no matter, i had a hatchet by now and could defend myself. had bandages and antiseptic and painkillers, so i wasnt too worried. i started scavenging the outbuildings, working around the wolves. i got to the first two trailers just fine, then i decided to go check the car and the first aid kit inside the security checkpoint booth. once i got there, i noticed 3 wolves standing there all snarling at me. like they set up some kind of ambush. i quickly took out my torch. lit it with my matches, then waved it at the wolves like a madman. it worked on the first two, but the third, which seemed to be the leader of the pack, was a lot more aggressive. he charged at me and jumped on top of me, however, i didnt panic. i simply used my hatchet and knocked him off, sending him running. well now there were the two wolves, still staring at me like i was their dinner. and with my torch now out of reach, i was completely defenseless and down to 50 percent condition. i started backing away from the wolves, and was yet again attacked by the same wolf from earlier, coming back for more. except this time, i killed it during the struggle. in a panic and not thinking clearly, at 10 percent condition and losing blood, i ran straight past the wolves to the nearby car. at the last minute i heard a snarling wolf charge at me. i escaped from it and shut myself in the car with literally half a second to spare. the closest call i've ever had in this game. i was now down to 5 percent condition, as i was freezing and had two open wounds bleeding everywhere. i quickly bandaged and popped some painkillers for my sprained wrist, leaving myself at, literally, 1 percent condition. one more second and my new character would be history. i selected my bedroll and went to sleep in the car until nightfall (thankfully the temperature was warm enough that i wouldnt freeze to death in the car) and by then the wolves were gone. i made my way back to a trailer, put down my bedroll in the floor and slept until daylight, ready to go back at it again. it took me 2 days to recover back to 100 percent, but i wasnt about to let it slow me down. i kept up my daily routines and chores just as normal.

this is the closest i have ever, and probably ever will, come to death in this game. 1 percent condition, saved at the very last second. also the first time i survived a pack of wolves attacking me :P if any of you have a near death story of your own, please share :)

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