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1. Wind direction. We can often see the wind blowing when it is stormy, but it would be nice to see if wind had a greater effect in hunting deer and wolves. There have been times when I am stalking a from behind wolf, trying to get close, and he turns towards my direction. Random luck? Or game mechanics? If we had a better idea when we were downwind vs upwind could help for hunting and the ability for a deer or wolf to detect us. Also wind direction could help when starting a fire, and using a building or tree to block the wind from putting it out.

2. Add new creatures - pumas. Add puma cap to the game to replace the wool hat or toque which has +1/+1 for heat/wind. Also puma meat. Maybe some use for puma fangs?

3. I'd like a way to craft biofuel using fish or animal carcasses. Would be cool if there was a way to make new torches or fuel lanterns.

4. Regular sticks for snares instead of reclaimed wood. Or maybe a way to whittle logs to make the sticks?

5. Binoculars would be great. Would make it easier to explore.

Also bonus question - can you shoot birds? I never tried it because I don't want to waste bullets. But would be great to get feathers that way.

Bonus question #2 do birch and maple saplings respawn? That would be nice because technically you can run out of saplings and then you wouldn't have arrows...same with feathers....

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1. Good idea. I was expecting it to work like that already, but it doesn't?

2. Absolutely. Pumas would be the first new animal I would like to see added. Followed by Lynxs, Mooses and Wolverines.

3. Fish oil would be a great idea. I would like more different harvestable items from carcasses. "Meat" is to simple. I would like to have individual organs and fat additionally.

4. Yes, please! Using reclaimed wood for snares is just one of the arbitrary ways the game uses to slow us down. Maybe 10 sticks and 1 gut.

5. Would be nice, yes. And maybe one could break it and harvest/craft it into a scope for the rifle.

Your questions:

#1: Wiki says no. Crows are non-interactive.

#2: No. Only Sticks, Brances and Limbs respawn.

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