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Please make cedar/fir limbs, branches, wolf/deer carcasses draggable and rabbit carcasses carryable. It makes no sense that someone would sit out in the cold, freezing their ovaries off, rather than dragging that thing back to base and dealing with it there. Granted, you mightn't want to have loads of harvested carcasses in you house, but at least give us the option to move them.

In addition, I would love to be able to move dead bodies as well. Bury them or something. Not nice to find the perfect cabin for you base and then having to look a dead guy in the face every time you wake up. I'd say most people would get rid of it.

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I have wanted the feature to be able to drag a dead animal's body as well. I can't count the number of times I'd be in a situation where an animal's carcass is nearby a large rock (shelter from the wind), but just not quite close enough to skin/harvest without leaving the shelter of the rock. So, if I harvest the animal, my temp plummets because of the windchill, but if I could drag the animal a few feet closer to the rock, I'd be able to harvest it with only a reasonable drop in temperature.

Weight issues:

dragging or picking up a rabbit - no problem

dragging wolf - no problem ; picking up a wolf? difficult, but possible (move very slowly)

dragging a deer - difficult, very slow ; picking up a deer - impossible

dragging or picking up a bear - impossible

human bodies? probably same as wolf.

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This has been mentioned a few times before, but I really think it would be a nice feature, maybe on furniture as well?

Yes! I was going to write that and then I forgot. It would be great if one could move furniture around within a building. Getting that chest of drawers and the cupboard from the upstairs level of the Camp Office downstairs would be fantastic. A placement system already exists (for the Storm Lantern), so it could be used. Maybe a dragged item/carcass/body would just automatically be "equipped" (i.e. in your hands) and there could be a green outline where you put it, just like it is with the lamp, the bedroll or a fire.

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