Hello from Ontario. No, there's still no snow =/


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Hey Hinterland and fellow survivors!

I thought I'd pop in to introduce myself to everyone here.

My name's Felicity, or Felli for short! I've been watching this game development eagerly and just recently jumped on board to playtest what looks to be a fantastic game at my fiance's suggestion. He thought it looked like a game with great potential and I completely agree. I'm hooked already! I can't really say what part of the game has drawn me in so much but the atmosphere and feel you get from even the alpha is superb. Not sure if anyone else agrees with me on this but I really feel like the art style in this game almost evokes the Group of Seven works. Something about it just almost pays homage to it and I think it's incredible even if coincidental.

I'm a writer so I spend a great deal of time just thinking about and writing out the little snippets of prose that pop into my head at any time. Who knows? Perhaps I'll turn one of my runs into a story later on? When I'm not designing characters and settings and stories of my own, I'm playing games or creating wearable art with silver wire and semi-precious stones. I don't do a lot of posting but I assure you all I love reading others posts.

I've since moved to southern Ontario, but I keep joking with my family who still lives near Thunder Bay, that The Long Dark is like Life in northern Ontario. Bitterly cold, bleak, full of bears in your backyard and snowstorms for days. The only thing missing is an angry moose. Believe me, -Nothing- says terror like a 700 kg moose with a full rack of antlers charging the vehicle next to you :shock:

And with that mental image, I suppose I should probably wander off before I ramble you all to death.

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Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to let us know a little bit about you. So glad to hear you're enjoying the game, and I think we'd definitely love to read anything you write that might be inspired by your time in The Long Dark...We even have a special section just for stories and art players are inspired to create.

I can (thankfully) only imagine how scary a moose encounter would be. Thanks for sharing that mental image, and welcome to the forums!

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