Torch Flicker speed (Possible Epilepsy/migraine trigger?)


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Hey Hinterland!

You guys are doing an incredible job with this game. I'm so proud of you guys. Everything looks so polished already and the art style reminds me of Group of Seven art, which is always cool.

I have a small concern about the torch and it's flicker pattern/frequency. Unlike the fire or other flames that have a more randomized flicker effect, where the two or three colors used as the reflected light on surfaces, the torch casts a rapid dual color flicker that is one of those patterns that flashes on a rapid frequency that can cause problems for people with epilepsy and/or flashing triggered migraines or neurological problems. I've kind of tested it myself, having a chronic vision issue that is aggravated by only that one flashing effect. Normally I just don't use the torch if I don't have to but I wanted you guys to be aware that it's there. Sounds like a small issue I know and I'm sorry to bring up such a thing.

I probably didn't explain that very well but I do have a possible solution/suggestion. Perhaps instead of that rapid flicker, give it a more organic flicker? More of a randomized time between movement/changes in color that's used to mimic the light reflecting off of the environment. After all it's not the color or the torch fire itself that's the issue, its just the frequency in which the reflected light on walls/snow/objects is displayed. If you're unsure what I mean I can possibly take an in game shot of it. I'm terrible at explaining things :oops:

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