Blood Trails Disappear on Steep Slopes?


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I shot a wolf with an arrow, and then tried to follow it until it died. However, when the wolf went down a steep slope, the blood trains seemed to suddenly end as the slope got very steep. I've only been playing this game a few days, so this might be known bug in this version of the alpha. Attached is my attempt at a screenshot and a copy of my debug log.



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If the blood trail doesn't continue on past the steep fill, I wonder if this is evidence of a separate bug where bleeding animals stop dripping blood when they exit flee mode (and go back to idle wandering mode).

Thing is i shot a bear from a high location and hid myself at desolation point. It didn't seemed to notice me and started running and moaning. I could see it run up the highway then come back and then run back again and again. After 4 ingame hours or so of waiting it finally didn't come up from the main road. I went to find it and there it was dead lying on the ground. Bet i would loose the bear if i was't in Desolation point. Bear didn't seemed to have anywhere to run in that map since its so small and it always was in flee mode untill it died of blood loss.

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