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  1. I'm having this problem as well, and can't quite seem to get any of the workarounds above to work. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, on a hardware configuration that I have previously run TLD on using Windows 10, so I know it's it isn't the hardware itself. The fact that there's no way to even select "confirm" using the keyboard is absolutely maddening.
  2. I found a graphics glitch in CH -- not sure how to give coordinates, but here's the screenshot:
  3. Thanks. I am having this same problem as well.
  4. Playing on Stalker v.349. Harvested some maple saplings in Desolation Point using the improved hatchet, but they gave me extra cured saplings each. I'll attach a screenshot soon.
  5. Screenshot is attached. I used a hacksaw on one of the shelving units in the habitable basement in Skeeter's Cabin's in PV. This was a metal shelf, if that helps any.
  6. Came across this odd bug with the cattails half-buried in the ice. This is by the river in PV. Is this intentional? I have attached a screenshot.
  7. I shot a wolf with an arrow, and then tried to follow it until it died. However, when the wolf went down a steep slope, the blood trains seemed to suddenly end as the slope got very steep. I've only been playing this game a few days, so this might be known bug in this version of the alpha. Attached is my attempt at a screenshot and a copy of my debug log. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/WBWbq6P http://imgur.com/AL66CwY output_log.txt