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  1. I got my expertise with the bow to level 5, and it turns out that because you can shoot while crouched, deer don't run if you kill one right next to them, at least with head shots. That produced this screenshot, taken outside of the trappers cabin.
  2. Alternately, if you have a MEMORY.DMP file to look at, I actually just got some training on reading MEMORY.DMP files with windbg. If you don't want to go through setting up the debugger yourself (It's not too difficult but can take some time and can use up a chunk of disk space), I'm more than willing to do it.
  3. Having a knife does help you fend off wolves when they're on you, though I think you're talking about striking at a wolf right as it's about to grapple you. The timing would be difficult with that grapple mechanic as it is now, feels like. Maybe a walking stick could be used like the torch and have a chance to scare away an approaching wolf by swinging it around, and/or it could reduce fatigue from walking outside, with the cost of extra carry weight. Neat ideas!
  4. Looks like you've tried all of the obvious things, sorry that this isn't resolved yet. The only other thing that jumps out at me is the graphics card, but only because it doesn't look too familiar to me. Your system looks more than capable of handling the minimum requirements of the game (except disk space? I don't think that's listed but I assume it would have come up by now) My only other contribution is, though those 40+ other games may be running fine, TLD is still in Alpha (I don't know how many of those other games are/aren't in Alpha). Maybe this is the first time a configuration like yours has been tested, so there isn't support for it yet. But I can't say for sure, and even if that was the case I don't know what you'd do about it. Sorry
  5. I did almost the exact same thing with that cabin in my game! Neat!
  6. There are a few rope climbing sections that allow for resting at a ledge. I haven't seen or noticed one that used two ledges, though. Sort of unrelated, but if you want to avoid sleeping on these ledges, try climbing with as little weight on you as possible. You are slower and increase fatigue faster the more you are carrying while you are climbing. I hope it goes better for you next time, the summit of Timberwolf is pretty fun to get to!
  7. See here: - I'm almost certain that this happens in more than one place, but I haven't gone through all of the efforts to check every possible rope location.
  8. First, see here: Both the shadows on the rope and the snow clipping into the the bottom of the rope leads me to believe I'm looking through the rope into the back of it. Here's another picture: It looks like the texture of the rope is bending the wrong way, downwards instead of upwards. Again, it looks like I'm seeing the back of the rope graphics. I've seen this on another rope as well (didn't get a screenshot of it, my bad), but it's not present for all ropes.
  9. It looks cool and has neat implications, though the limited ammunition will quickly be an issue. I made a new Pilgrim save game just to get it and mess around with it. I'm sure it will have more significance in the Store Mode, but in sandbox I assume it was included to be an offensive weapon. I tried it out on a wolf, and busted my side laughing: It's pretty effective, though I haven't tried it on a bear yet. And hey, if you need to leave a body to ome back to it later, the flare keeps keep track of its location! (Not really though, the flare itself lasts only about a minute. You can see the flare from quite far away though, for what it's worth)
  10. There are lots of bugs like this for wolves as well, running in place I mean. They try so hard!
  11. It maybe goes farther than what OP is even suggesting, but including trackIR (or VR) would do exactly what is being described. You swivel your real-life head, which makes your in game character rotate their head around regardless of where your main body is headed (it looks sorta like in Mechwarrior where your torso moves independently of the leg module). Never used it myself but I love the idea, would be an immerse addition for TLD.
  12. Some other ones as well: The stalagmites in this cave are off of the ground. As I climbed down a cliff side, perfect footmarks were placed on a near 90-degree vertical surface. This is less about this particular location, and more about how the game treats footprints as you walk along/down cliff sides. I think it would be better to just not have the footprints there at all, since it's such an impossible angle. It's hard to see, I would recommend downloading the image and increasing the gamma (or going to there in the game yourself), the mountain doesn't touch the ground, similar to the first image in this thread. - I feel like we should sticky this bug, since graphical issues like these are sort of common. Better to have one "graphical issues" thread, where it's easy to see what's already reported, than 30 different bugs for different sightings, where some are repeats, no? Would help against repeats as well I would imagine.
  13. If the blood trail doesn't continue on past the steep fill, I wonder if this is evidence of a separate bug where bleeding animals stop dripping blood when they exit flee mode (and go back to idle wandering mode).
  14. It can be a pain to find arrows you've shot, so you're right that this makes it easier. I think the game has some understanding of deflection, but if the angle is too steep (shooting dead on into something), the physics engine probably just treats is as embedded no matter the material. Not too familiar with Unity's physics in particular, that's how it seems to happen in other game engines though. Would take me some time to get a bow and arrow to test this myself, but I'm sure the devs are aware since you posted in this forum. I think it's technically a bug, but it might not get fixed since it's not too game breaking.