v282 Simple Arrows can penetrate solid rock


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As the title says I simple arrows can penetrate solid rock faces, pretty sure they are supposed to deflect them? I tried it a couple times on a run up to the look out tower,after trying to shoot a crazy deer charging me :) seems most rock faces will take a good arrow.

screen grab below


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It can be a pain to find arrows you've shot, so you're right that this makes it easier.

I think the game has some understanding of deflection, but if the angle is too steep (shooting dead on into something), the physics engine probably just treats is as embedded no matter the material. Not too familiar with Unity's physics in particular, that's how it seems to happen in other game engines though.

Would take me some time to get a bow and arrow to test this myself, but I'm sure the devs are aware since you posted in this forum. I think it's technically a bug, but it might not get fixed since it's not too game breaking.

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