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Hey guys!

After some technical issues, I have found my way here and I am mad keen to provide some feedback based on my first couple of days of gameplay. What is the best way to go about that? Do you prefer me to create a single thread with all my points or will I create threads per item/issue?

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Hey there! Glad to have you with us. There are several ways to provide feedback.

For general feedback, try our Alpha Playtest Feedback forum.

Technical issues and bug reports can go in our Bug Reports & Tech Issues forum. Just be sure to pick the appropriate platform -- PC, Mac, Linux/SteamOS, XBox One -- and include as many details as possible. If you're on Steam, remember that F8 will take a screenshot with coordinates and other valuable information. This is especially important if you're reporting a bug that might be directly related to your location within the game world. As a note, this screenshot will save directly to your desktop.

If you have ideas or suggestions for something you might like to see in the game, head over to the Wish List forum and let us know! The "Search" function will be particularly useful in this forum, as there will likely be an existing (and interesting) discussion about/similar to the idea you might like to share.

Of course, there are also general discussion forums and off-topic forums if you're just looking to chat with other players, or the How to Play forum if you have specific questions about gameplay or mechanics. If you have any other questions I might be able to help you with, feel free to ask.

Welcome to the forums!

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