Tracking + Crafting Candles, Animal Lures and Traps

The Riz

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I grew up basically doing most of the stuff in TLD. In addition to foul weather camping and hunting we trapped as well.

If I had a wish list of things that I would add it would be the following...


1. Rotate controls (mouse scroll button?) prior to placing items (for those players who have severe OCD).

2. Visual check of items degradation percentage if not in a container w/o having to pick it up. I tend to place items in piles on the floor so I can see what and basically how many I have. Saves me having to remember what drawer I put it in.

Visual/Playability Enhancement

1. Enhanced Tracking - Footprints of the four different animals in the game. So that you may track them. Obviously this could be weather based and they don't have to last long.

Basic Items

1. Animal Tallow - harvested as fat from animals, for candles and trapping/hunting lures. Rendered in the fire (like boiling water) and takes a long time.

2. Animal Glands - harvested glands from animals for trapping/hunting lures.

3. Fish Oil - cook fish plus water in fire (must have both in inventory), takes a long time. Can be used for hunting lures and whatever side health benefits.

Advanced Items

1. Candles and the ability to craft candles - wax and wicks and however that could be accomplished. Maybe from something harvested from animals (fats/tallow for tallow wax) and cloth (for wicks). Candles would provide another source of light (indoors) or outdoors in a candle hurricane lantern (could be crafted from an existing storm lantern).

2. Lures - Trapping and hunting often requires the use of lures to get an animal to take the bait and get within range of the hunter or caught in a trap. Basically drags a targeted animal away from their predefined area to where you want them to be. Lures last only a couple of days and less in inclement weather.

To craft - mix previously mentioned tallow (of the animal you are trying to lure) with gland/musk oils (new animal harvesting item) of the same animal for a trapping lure (bear and wolves as rabbits have snares). For a hunting lure use deer tallow and gland oils for deer, wolves and bear. Bear could also be lured by fish oils. Essentially the hunting lures "could" be used as trapping lures but with lower percentages of success.

Note: Lures only start to expire rapidly when they are applied to traps and the ground or surface where they are placed. They expire same as any long term shelf item when not in use.

3. Traps - Forged the same way as an arrow head but with more scrap metal. Wolf trap takes less metal than a bear trap. They can be placed same as a snare (don't step on your own bear trap). Lures should be used to greatly increase chance of capture. Say 10% per 24hrs in an area the animal is known to inhabit, 50% if lures are used in known animal area. 20% in 24hrs if lure is used in area animal is reasonably close to (they have to be able to smell the scent). So since lures expire in a day or two depending on weather you either get the animal on the first day or maybe the second or possibly not at all after that unless new lure is placed near/on the trap. A trapped animal would need to be shot with either a rifle or bow and arrow.

Adding these items would enhance gameplay by adding more depth, variety and potentially add greater longevity to survivability.

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