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Howdy folks,

Are there any plans to allow 'smoking' of harvested deer/wolf meat, to make it's condition last a lot longer, but perhaps at a reduced calorie intake as a trade-off?

Kind of like making your own beef jerky, which really should last forever and not lose much condition at all.

I'd also like to see an option for a secure exterior cold-box to store food in the natural refrigeration of the outside temps, at one of the more popular home bases like the Camp Office.

Sure there's no electricity, but in this situation, I'd be storing meat out in the cold, not indoors, assuming I can make it secure from animals.

Sorry if this had been discussed already,

Looking forward to September!

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  • Hinterland

We've talked about ways to bring carcasses back to a "home base" for processing and storage. We'd also like to deepen the food production/storage system since this would be a big part of any long-term survival scenario. All of these things need to support the current core-loop, however, so they have to be assessed individually and adopted very carefully to avoid biasing the game too much one way or the other.

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Thanks for the swift replies guys, I figured these ideas would've been thought of and yeah, balance is key.

Coming from Australia/NZ, I had to look up Bear Bags, interesting!

Keep up the amazing work! Counting down the days (:

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