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  1. Hello Support Person!I Thank you for your response (and for moving this to where it should be! It's initial placement was due to me being a bit Lost as to where to put it, sorry) I hadn't been back in the game for several days after this issue, but turning my PS4 off and on again (after an unrelated crash), magically the Challenge Mode Save file popped up (I'd also deleted a couple of extraneous Story Mode save files and got the count down from 21 to 15, perhaps this helped too?) So, issue resolved, I just need to be aware to restart the PS4 for the save files to show up. Perhaps this should be mentioned somewhere; in this age of 'never-turned-off-always-on-for-updates' consoles, there's an expectation that you shouldn't have to reboot your machine for a save file to show up? Anyhoo, thanks again! (I'm very relieved that those struggled for hours and desperately fought for good clothes weren't all for nothing).
  2. Hi, it's been a long while since I've played TLD, so I've come back to it to try out a few of the Challenges and have found that my save files are disappearing. I can save fine, can back out of that session and Resume a save, but as soon as I close the application (PS4), and reload TLD, the save file has disappeared, and there is only the 'New' option, no 'Resume'. This is incredibly frustrating; after two long sessions, I've wasted around 10 hours playing for nothing. I did a search in the Bug section and found one dude with the exact same problem reported from FEBRUARY, with zero action on it or any comments. What's up Hinterland, is this abandonware? Sincerely; a frustrated Backer.
  3. Still can't find TLD on PS4 store in Australia, what's going on?
  4. Keen to pre-order this for PS4, (already had it since launch on my laptop but it's getting old and I've transitioned all my gaming to the PS4), when will it be available in Australia? Love your work!
  5. Chainsaws have spark plugs that are 'electronic' enough to have been rendered unusable by the Geomagnetic Event, I would imagine. I'm against chainsaws being usable for this reason, it's a slippery slope.
  6. I too was disappointed to not be able to harvest this exact same sapling after going to a lot of effort to craft an Improvised Hatchet.
  7. This was a fresh run, just walking directly up the middle of the steps. The only thing I can think is I was encumbered the first time I noticed this, but in a second fresh run (the screenshot here) I wasn't encumbered at all but still got caught up on the top step, which is when I thought it was report worthy. I know these pathing issues I keep having seem minor, but when they happen they really break immersion. All of a sudden I'm stopped by what feels like an invisible wall in what should be a simple walk up some steps. (: I'm sure there are bigger bugs to fry and these ones will be far down the list but hopefully they aren't considered time wasting. Going down the steps works fine, but every time I go Up them I get caught up on the top step.
  8. Ok so I managed to reproduce this, I got stuck in the exact same spot, this time I managed with a lot of wriggling to move forwards, but it's counter intuitive; you can't pass through the obvious gap but have to climb up and over the rock to the side, which seems weird. Not a huge issue now that I've found it's possible to finagle past, but the spot could do with some tweaking?
  9. I'm having a lot of difficulty going up the steps at the back of the Stone Church in DP, it is possible with a lot of wiggling and side stepping, but not a place you want to be trapped running away from a wolf and expecting you can easily negotiate. Can these be smoothed out please?
  10. Hi Support, I'll double check this today (if I can find the same spot again without knowing which grid reference I'm at, I could take a bunch of F8 shots to make sure) This was from a fresh run (v.264/5), that guy died, but I have a new guy in the Riken so not too far away. Cheers!
  11. CH, headed out of the qounset hut and looted the car outside near the road, lifted the hood so I know it's been looted, went back inside the hut to hide from a wolf, came back out and the car had changed colour and the hood was down.
  12. Seeing as so much of the exterior terrain is blinding white snow, at times it's impossible to read/see the white text for picking up items. Is there any possibility of a 'smart text overlay' that switches to black when on white, and is white when on dark surfaces? Or maybe just a grey? I'm sure this is something that you fine folks have tested, I'm just curious as to what is possible. Keep up the great work Hinterland! <3
  13. Same. I was stupidly excited when I found my first in-game Hinterland mug in a microwave in DP. I wanted to keep it forever and take a series of screen shots with it in various locations, but getting trapped in Hibernia by a bear and two wolves plus severe dehydration nixed that idea, and I was forced to drink it. I like to think it was the one thing that kept me alive. (:
  14. I could travel through this mine in one direction, but when I went to back track I was blocked going the opposite direction, at this exact spot. The path narrows and there's no going forward.
  15. I'd just like to be able to drop the backpack for when I sleep, because that's logical to me. I'd keep all 'worn' clothing on me, but everything else that's in my inventory (and therefore presumably in my backpack) gets dropped IN the backpack. It makes no sense that we sleep in a bed with our backpacks on, but that's currently what is implied. The backpack should look like this: It's already represented in-game, just make it another button in the first 'Tab' menu, next to your Bedroll; "Drop Pack". That way I won't be getting fatigued for sleeping with a 30kg backpack still on my back (: