Hello from the UK :)


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Hello fellow survivalists! :) good to see this game has such an amazing community, and although i havent backed it I will be one of the first to get it when its out on early access :)


You can actually pre-order on their site via humble widget so you can support devs and support also charity with the 10% of the price of the game.

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Oh awesome :) I may well do that, but I try and be cautious about pre-ordering as I have had a few bad experiences in the past with pre-ordering, but i'll certainly consider it. Thanks! :)

Please. :)

I don't think that this is the case but I can understand your concerns about pre-ordering.

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  • Hinterland

Welcome to the community!

We recognize that not everyone has had a great experience with pre-ordering for other games, so it's entirely fine to wait until the game is on Early Access. And if you want to get a sense of the current state of the game to know it's "for real", there are lots of YouTube videos and Twitch streams.

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