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Bill Tarling

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The "My Discussions" link in the left column navigates to the index of threads we've started -- but is there any way to add in something like "Posted Threads" which would do the same thing to filter an index of the threads [which have new responses] that we've posted in?

Right now we have to go through the entire list using "Recent Discussions" to see which ones have new responses to posts we've interacted with.

It would even help to have a nav link to "New Posts" which just shows an index of threads that have new posts [along with that red square number count]

I took that stuff for granted in my old forum [i automatically had the function there when users logged in], but it really made a difference for all the users.

It's fine having a "My Discussions" link, but I don't really need to know how many topics I've started [that's better placed in my profile page if I need it], but it would really help to see an immediate count of how many new posts have been made since my last visit, and a link to show the index page for them.

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