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Bill Tarling

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When starting from the forum's home page, and you click a category (e.g. clicking the "Forum Improvements" category link), it only takes you to a page displaying that Category title (where you can do anything or even navigate further), not into that actual category thread of posts.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Even from any of the category index listings (e.g. front page), there's no visible sign of how many new [unread] posts are available -- like the little red square number seen when you click the "Recent Discussions" tab... so the user doesn't know which areas have new posts to read. They still have to click the actual "Recent Discussions" link to see if there's anything new since their last visit.

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That particular category has a bug, the other ones are ok from what I could tell.

I just checked, and yes most of the other ones are okay -- except for:

Categories >> Forum Improvements

That one still points to a page with the category title only.

ADDENDUM: I just tried front page [clicking Hinterland logo], and it looks like all the links actually DO open to the category posts for their sections -- so it's only the "Forum Improvements" one that doesn't work anywhere from the front or categories links. Most likely just an unchecked setting for that specific forum category.

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