TLD Exercise: Calories for Heat


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IRL if we can do exercise to generate body heat. One of the methods I was taught in the Army to kick up the body furnace was squats. You can stand at your post, keep alert and do slow squats. This fires some pretty large muscle groups, burning calories and producing metabolic heat. Just about any exercise that works out a large number of muscle groups would work: burpees, pushups, jumping jacks, etc.

Exercising for 10 minutes would probably triple the rate of calorie, water and fatigue consumption. In return the player would get the equivalent to a cup of hot tea in added warmth. This would be able to equivalent of going out and foraging for wood for 15 min or so. There may need to be some balancing act between forage/exercise time to heat generated.

If this WAS included, then we would be one step away from the in game run having a meaningful impact on the player. Running would consume more body resources but generate heat. If we could couple this with the ability to have sweat to make the player wet (and the ramifications)... that would be awesome. However, for the purpose of this post lets just leave running and sweating out of the equation.

What does the community think about adding exercise to generate body heat?

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I'd like to see some form of heat generation/loss as well as a "wet" meter implemented into the game soon. We're not punished for marathon running from Mystery Lake to Pleasant Valley in a day, even though in real life (assuming our character was so incredibly godly to be able to run that distance with a 30kg. pack on his/her back and in knee deep snow) we would be drenched in sweat and shivering by the end of the race.

But purely on topic, I would really enjoy an "exercise" ability in this game. While I was competitively swimming we were taught to do something similar, either squats or lunges generally, to keep our body warm in between relays while still keeping the muscles soft and ready to move. It would have its drawbacks, I mean you can't just stop and do some jumping jacks while you're being chased by a wolf, so if you're freezing and running from wildlife this mechanic wouldn't save you. But if you're just out on the lake heading home or something and need a quick boost to heat to make it the rest of the way it would be a really cool mechanic to have.

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