v.065 Wolf Faceplant

Bill Tarling

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Posting here because I'm not sure if either already corrected in v.073

Watch Video (marks below video)

[bBvideo 560,340:dkpzli8s]


29:20 Mark : Wolf faceplants near Logging Camp (as per Bug#0010)

Rifle Audio Delays: 28:19, 29:20, 31:09, and 32:20

rest of audio in sync, just really big delay with rifle shot audio


Big Shout Outs to Raph as player reaches Camp Office 35:20 mark *lmao*

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Also, didn't see the wolf face plant at 29:20.

Sorry -- I dropped in the wrong time -- Faceplant is at 27:45

It looks like all audio is delayed -- an artifact of the recording process maybe?

I stand corrected -- I thought they had matched until I found a search item that was delayed as well -- so you're right, just a recording sync issue, not in game

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