#46 v073 - Stalemate Wolf vs Me

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Climbing down side of hill from lookout tower (through gap in fence where candy bar and drink are with body way below)...

Half way down and spotted wolf... held breath as he circled near [and yes, the wolf is back to scary ass self as in v.065] he spotted me.

I lit flare he paused. Threw flare and he took 2 charging steps towards me but couldn't make it up the hill and is just standing there.

I did side to side crawl -- jerky motion he turned, then tried running again and was stopped. Back and forth a few more times and big bad wolf found path up hill to eat me.

*btw* The wolves are definitely back to being scary, and not to be messed with... nerves are on high again when encountered.


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Guest Alan Lawrance

The issue here is the steep terrain is causing problems with the navmesh generation -- basically the wolf doesn't think it can pathfind up the steep hill. We can tweak the navmesh generation to ensure it gets made for hills this steep, but it means a more detailed navmesh (more memory, longer to compute). Another alternative is to not let players climb terrain this steep.

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