Hole outside Trapper's Homestead

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There's a hole just outside the Trapper's Homestead's front door that is swallowing wolves. :lol:

The hole is where the snow path up to the Homestead has a little transition lip/bump next to the fence just before you reach a tree and the Homestead's front door (I'll try and get a screen shot of its position).

Seen this happen twice on current play through. Once when a wolf came charging up the path in attack mode, watched it sank into the hole. I could hear it still running in the hole. Another when the hole already contained a snarling/attacking wolf that when I stepped across the hole the wolf popped out and mauled me, but once it was dead there was no body to found.

OS is WinXP. Game version 0.244.

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Sorry - my mistake... I thought you were taking the screenshot from further back (from the hill not the path) so I thought you were missing all the rocks. Turns out it's just a different screen resolution or FOV setting in your shot.

I went to the area to take screenshot in case something was missing - that's when I realized the FOV seemed different. My mistake :oops:



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