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Hey,guys. :) I have guestion. :oops: Till three months ago I have been streaming game on Steam,but after upgrade to Unity 5 and latest updates,my laptop is too weak to perform successfull stream anymore.So I decided to record videos instead and upload them on YouTube,so there others can watch my playtroughs.

I downloaded Bandicam engine,free edition.But,problem is,that I can record videos at lenght 10 min only.I did try to make more short videos of lenght 10 min and then upload them to my YT channell.There I used Video Manager to merge two videos into one.But! :( There it says I can only merge videos in common lenght of 15 min,so merged video must not be longer than 15 min.And that is really not enough,as I intend to make at least 50 min lasting records.

After that I downloaded OBS by suggestion of TLDFan,but that darn OBS is too poverfull for my lapy and it crashed at minimal settings.

So...anyone has any suggestion,which recording engine I could use? That it is for free and that it works for weaker cpu/laptop.And that I can record videos at lenght 60 min.

I would appreciate any suggestion.Thank you all in advance. :)

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I don't know if OBS has this feature but you might want to look into if it can record uncompressed, raw frames.

In that case you're trading the computational effort to encode the video on the fly with it taking a lot of HDD space. If that's something you're not constrained by, you might want to give it a try. I think 200GB per hour of footage @ 1280x720 @ 30 FPS is a good first approximation of what you would need.

Then, you can use a free software, like HandBrake, to encode the video, presumably overnight, as it will take a long time and you won't be able to use your computer for anything else, or it would be very slow to respond in any case.

If OBS has the option to use whatever codec you want, I recommend magicYUV, it's free.

If this works for you I can give you more tips that would, at least in theory, make it as less taxing on the CPU as possible in the recording phase.

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