Do buildings randomize too?

Random Fires

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Yes, to an extent. In locations where you have destroyed buildings and usable buildings, the total ratio is preserved (e.g. 1 usable,  2 destroyed) but which one is usable is randomised when you enter the region (or possibly when you start the game altogether, I haven't tested). 

It only happens with buildings that have the same interior layout, so no roll is disadvantaged. There are houses in the Coastal Highway area around Quonset gas station, also up the road on the way to Desolation Point, and the shacks at Log Sort. The cabins around Mystery Lake do this, as does the abandoned/empty house at Rural Crossroads in Pleasant Valley, if I'm not mistaken. 

Unique buildings are guaranteed - so you won't get a game without the gas station, or trappers hut for example. 

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To answer your question, Yes! Many of the buildings do randomize. Some remain the same such as the Quonset gas station or the camp office. Others like the coastal townsite houses and small cabins on mystery lake may be burned out shells.

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