Hello! Just another new player!


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I've been monkeying around with The Long Dark the last several days on the XBOX One. I'm 100% sold and in love with this game. I've never been big on the survival genre, but this game has me addicted. A prime example, I woke up early this morning due to my dog wanting to go out. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I figured I'd start a new run. Before I knew it, three hours had passed!

The atmosphere is enthralling and can't wait to see what else is added to the game, especially on the story mode front!

Anyway, pack to trying to Trapper's Homestead! I've only lived for 8 Days... Slowly learning how to survive!

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Always nice to see new players joining the community! Learning slowly will, I believe, give you the best experience, so don't be afraid to try new things and test your limits. The lessons you learn the hard way will be the ones that help you survive those longer runs you might read about here.

Looking forward to hearing more! Welcome!

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