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I've progressed pretty naturally... Uttery dumbfounded to find I can not craft bandages. At 60 days and some I never checked... Craft bandages from cloth.

Thought it was already in game. Solution now is to go to un explored remaiing map or back to ML map, and prey not to be a chew toy on the way.

A game of wolves needs either more ammo(boo), less wolves(meh), ability to craft bandages.

60+ painkillers, dozens of unused antibiotics, zero bandages....grrr.

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Crafting [or rather harvesting] bandages from cloth is already in the game...

But if you need that much in the way of additional medical supplies, then need to look at different ways of avoiding or handling the situations. Check out some streams from some of the regular long time players like LMG, Kraelman, PocketLLP, GELtaz, GreyRookTV, Abookcase, and a number of others -- it will probably help you see different ways of approaching the challenges [they use very little of the regular supply spawns]... all gladly help explain different techniques and game mechanics.

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