Thought I was doing well, then it all went down hill.


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I have finally found some time to play with the alpha sandbox. Talk about a learning curve! Each time I learn something new about how this brutal world works, however. I have also been recording my gameplay so I can share any particularly memorable moments. In this recent game, I found the watchtower for the first time and was thrilled with the stash of food and a bed to sleep in. I even ventured out to find some venison that a friendly wolf had left for me, and I was able to stave off hunger for longer than I had ever been able to up to this point. I let the false sense of security get the better of me. My food ran out. My hatchet broke. My fire was dying. As I began to freeze, the weather outside turned to a blizzard. I was trapped. All I had left to think about was which was going to kill me first, the starvation or the cold? I couldn't take it any more! I wasn't going to let the hunger or the cold take me again! I ran outside and took a dive off the side of the cliff...

I will post a link to the video once it has finished uploading to youtube

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