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  1. I don't want an in-game, gps tracking, follow-this-waypoint type of map. What I would like is a very simple hand draw style that marks key locations and their relative positions to each other. Basically what a few of us have been drawing ourselves, but made for us as we explore. I like the idea of first having to find a blank terrain map, which then gets scribbled on as we discover unique locations. Still no compass, though. and thanks again, Rob, for pointing out my error in direction. I guess I should have trusted the wind direction after all!
  2. Awesome map! The layout matches my own sketch fairly closely. I had the basic locations in the right spot, but did not have the exact paths of the railroad, river, and logging road as you do. And yours is prettier... Mine is "sideways" since that is just how I started to draw it before figuring out what was north and south. I believe you have them backwards, since I based it on the "southern access" to the lake and I think the sunrise and sunsets match, too. One thing that threw me off was wind direction. When I see "west" as wind direction, I am used to it blowing FROM the west, not TO the west as the game seems to display.
  3. I would appreciate a freelook mode at times. Maybe while holding the 3rd/center/wheel mouse button so you could turn your head without altering direction? Could also be mapped to an unused button next to W, like E. I guess you could also do an auto-walk while you're at it, using Q to toggle. The only argument against it would be that it might prevent the difficultly of getting "turned around" in a snowstorm or at night when you can't see any long distance landmarks since you're automatically walking in a straight line.
  4. Great video. This is what I wanted to do with the videos I've been recording and posting on youtube, but I don't have a microphone for the narration... so they are not quite as interesting :roll:
  5. Try using A and D to "strafe" while turning your head to keep yourself walking in the direction you want to go. Likewise, use S if looking behind you, basically you would be walking backwards.
  6. Thank you, Rob. Those shots helped me out a lot in figuring out the lay of the land. I spent a couple plays last night just wandering around trying to relate the different landmarks and I think I can reliably find my way to the trapper's cabin now, at least from the lake/office/traintunnel area. I am going to sketch out a map of this stuff and then try to relate it back to the forestry road/camp/lookout tower.
  7. Maybe we need small metal trashcans to build fires in? that would be perfect for the little shanty huts.
  8. I noticed that, too. I'm guessing elevation plays a part, as well as the tower being an "open structure" unlike the cabins that load the interior when you open the door; it is no better protection from the elements than any other open shack you find in the woods. It blocks the wind, but that's about it. It makes sense to me. You're in an uninsulated, elevated wooden box that is exposed on all sides, so it would be tough to get it heated up when it's below freezing and windy. At best, it is a good resource cache and a place to hide from the wind for a short time, but isn't a solid enough structure and is to isolated to make a good base camp.
  9. Really? :roll: Not a bug, but somehow I don't think this should happen... LOL
  10. I have yet to load from a saved game... mostly because my games have not lasted all that long. I also don't think I "rest" enough so I really forget about the whole save thing in the first place.
  11. In longest play that I have had so far, I was able to find my way from the clearcut/tower area to the frozen lake, and I have picked up on using the train tracks to connect them. I've only found the trapper's cabin once, though. The route between the cabin and the lookout tower is what I hope to figure out. Starting during night or a blinding snowstorm really messes up my bearings.
  12. Every new game I start I intend to draw a map but have yet to get anything useful put down. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this and would like to share. I can't seem to stay alive long enough to visit more than 1 or 2 of the major locations, so I am still having trouble relating them to each other. It's more like, am I going to get lucky with my starting point to be near something I'm familiar with? :mrgreen:
  13. Video of this playthrough [bBvideo 560,340:1uwdd8nk]http://youtu.be/IXlhOmkiyXA[/bBvideo]
  14. That is my video... just uploaded it this morning... LOL I saw the "wolf death while searching" bug, and thought about adding to it. Yes, there was extreme flickering and I was unable to get out of the game at that point. Had to Ctl-Alt-Del and close from the task manager. edit: Looks like this had already been reported and marked as fixed in the next build
  15. I have finally found some time to play with the alpha sandbox. Talk about a learning curve! Each time I learn something new about how this brutal world works, however. I have also been recording my gameplay so I can share any particularly memorable moments. In this recent game, I found the watchtower for the first time and was thrilled with the stash of food and a bed to sleep in. I even ventured out to find some venison that a friendly wolf had left for me, and I was able to stave off hunger for longer than I had ever been able to up to this point. I let the false sense of security get the better of me. My food ran out. My hatchet broke. My fire was dying. As I began to freeze, the weather outside turned to a blizzard. I was trapped. All I had left to think about was which was going to kill me first, the starvation or the cold? I couldn't take it any more! I wasn't going to let the hunger or the cold take me again! I ran outside and took a dive off the side of the cliff... I will post a link to the video once it has finished uploading to youtube