v244 - Mushrooms


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I found some mushrooms just now, says food source when you grab them. Though I go to my pack to find they are with my wood harvest resources. Tried to cook them as well on stove or use them as fuel. Nothing seemed to happen. maybe there is a trick to using them? magic mushrooms maybe. Then I just read they are medical use in real life. so how do they work in game?

here is a screen shot below if it works :)


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I'm pretty sure you need 3 of them along with 0.25 liters of purified water in order to make tea. The tea will provide a warmth bonus if drank right away or reheated, while providing 100 calories, quenching some thirst and serving a medicinal purpose. Can't remember if it works as a pain killer or antibiotic though.

Some of my numbers might not be accurate, haven't played in two weeks roughly.

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