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There are multiple locations where the place names of things only come up when you walk over a very particular location. One of the places that I've encountered, is Dave's Quiet Clearing. I have to walk on the side of the cave, and start climbing up the steep slope in order for it to tell me that is my location. It will not pop up anywhere else.

There are other places that I'm pretty sure have names, like the waterfalls at Pleasant Valley, but they never populate a name, even though I walk all around them.

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There are places that I know have names, like Dave's Quiet Clearing, and the name only comes up if I walk in a very certain spot. When I'm next there I will take a screen shot of that specific spot if you'd like. Its along the right-hand corner where the cave ends and the hill/mountainside starts. Anywhere else when I approach/leave whatever, will NOT show the fact that I was there, unless I walk over that very tiny spot. There are other places that I think, by looking at online maps, have names, but I have yet to have them come up on my game, so I am presuming its the same thing, the trigger spot for the name is so specific, and I haven't walked over that specific spot.

So, in short, yes, not all of the names are coming up correctly.

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