Items keep respawning at Carter Dam


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I have a problem where two items keep respawning inside Carter Dam:

- A storm lantern in the control room.

- Simple tools in the room next to the control room.

During my first visit to the Dam, I picked up these items from the spots shown in the screenshots. I was then away from the Dam for probably a couple of in-game weeks, if not more. The next time I visited the Dam I found 4(!) of each of these items in the exact same spots. At my third visit, maybe a week or so of in-game time after my second visit, they had respawned again, but this time only one of each. No other items at the Dam respawn, only these two.

I haven't figured out a way to reproduce the respawning, but it seems to happen while I'm away from the Dam. Simply exiting and re-entering the dam or sleeping inside the Dam does not seem to make the items respawn.




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I was in the dam and I tried picking up a lantern. When I pressed left mouse button to pick it up I noticed that it was still there. I tried to pick it up again and then it was gone. I checked my inventory and saw that I now had three lanterns, while I only had one. This means that there were two lanterns on exactly the same spot.

I actually tried reloading the game since it had not saved yet and the same thing happened again.

I have posted my debug log on pastebin:

I have uploaded the screenshot here. I am pointing at the original location of the two lanterns.

Keep up the good work!




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That looks like the exact same spot as where lanterns keep respawning in my game too.. Do you, by any chance, also have toolboxes respawning in the room next door? :D (Screenshots in this post)

Ah, I must have missed your post. Probably searched with the wrong keywords. I can't really check it out anymore xD. I do not recall that I also had to click twice on the toolbox in the next room, but I am not so sure because I searched that room in the dark.

Now I miss my infinite source of lanterns :(:P. Just kidding, don't want that anyways.

I also had an issue with one of the respective lanterns. When I harvested it, the remaning fuel did not go into the other lantern. These things might be related.

Thanks for your reply! I will make sure to search a bit better next time.

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