Car temperature increase


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Sorry in advance, I aim my text translated from English to English by Google.

Here is the bug, when I was in a car in the charming vallé situated not far from the dead end area (FR cul de sac). From then I look out the back fanêtre the vehicle with the lamp lit storm temperature augmentai of suprenante way.

I hope to be understandable if this is not the case I remake my text more understandable way.



Screen cars :

Screen cars back window:

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@grogias - Vous pouvez inclure à la fois le texte français et en anglais en même poste . Quelqu'un au studio pourrait se traduire aussi.

@devs - Not positive, but I think as they turn, it might be the lantern being moved off to the side [such as when searching locker or shadows] taking place, and it might also be taking away the warmth bonus while off to the side (even though it's still being carried).

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Si il peuvent traduire c'est tout aussi bien. Je ferrai comme vous avez indiquer Bill.

Je placerai la version FR et anglaise dans le même post.


If he can translate it just as well. I ferrai as you tell Bill.

I will place the UK and English in the same post.

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