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Not sure if this is a bug \ by design \ or what, but thought I would ask.

I recently started a new run and have noticed several places where I know a corpse could spawn but wasn't in my current play, and I noticed that I found crow feathers on the ground even though there was no body there. In good weather there was never any crows circling overhead which made sense. So why am I finding crow feathers from invisible crows circling over invisible corpses :lol:


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While I've seen it, I've simply accepted it as the crows may have randomly lost some feathers at some point too [so need to keep watch during all travel, not just guaranteed findings as bonus corpse loot].

It also made it more natural, because otherwise it feels rather weird that feathers are only allowed to be near a corpse. Made more logical sense that some would be randomly scattered around the world as they flew overhead - and finding them in non-corpse areas is one of the reasons I'm constantly scanning the snow as I walk along.

Quite possible the feathers are in a location where a body has a chance of having spawned in the game, or it might indeed be intentionally random locations.

Personally I find it fits as very natural to find the occasional feather with nothing else around - in fact it gets exciting like spotting treasure... I find myself rushing over to see if what I saw off to the side was a feather, or just a rock :lol:

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