Black screen after brief anim on entry to Trappers Cabin


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I've been experiencing a problem wherein the game stops loading if I try to enter certain interior spaces, and every attempt to load the saved game after attempting to enter a space then performs the same thing (stops loading with a black screen).

Things I noticed after the last update:

  1. When in interiors all windows appear to show only magenta. No sky texture or lighting
  2. Occasionally a wooden table would show up magenta
  3. The lantern that was on the shelf immediately to my right upon entering Carter Dam had no assets except for the lantern globe and thus was super hard to spot. After I picked it up the assets were okay when viewed in inventory and equipped.

This is after the latest update and the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verifying the local cache (no effect)
  2. Reinstalling the game (no effect)
  3. Verifying the local game cache (no effect)

The latest reproduction of this problem was when I tried to enter the trappers cabin. The game 'crashed' when trying to load into the cabin by showing a black screen after a brief flash of the loading interstitial screen. Force quit the game, and then attempt to load the save file has me unable to load into that save file at all.

EDIT: The save file in question above was from the same update that I am currently running.

I can however start a new game and proceed as normal, though I'm sure I'd rapidly experience the bug again.


Build Number: 636546

System Specs: 2015 Macbook Pro, 16Gb RAM, i5 2.5Ghz, 256 Gb SSD w <50% free, Intel Iris Graphics @ 1.5Gb allocated

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