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Hey there whomever reading this.

I like this game enough to leave a feedback and I never leave feedback. Do the math.

This game is peerless in so many aspects comparing to others in survival genre in my opinion. But when it comes to survival, one should expect some degree of realism. So without further ado, here are my suggestions:

Please please please please please please add an autowalk/run feature, I can't feel my left hand middle finger.

Hunting is impossible sometimes. If I can't kill an animal in 1 hit, they usually climb the steepest hills, defying gravity and fraction, whereas I cannot. This needs to be looked into.

Sunny day, not a hint of wind or snowfall, and in an instant, I am surrounded by snowstorm and have next to none vision. There should be some sort of indication before storm comes or maybe it shouldn't come in an instant.

If I keep eating 3-5kgs of meat everyday, heart attack will take me before cold or wolves do. Meat should have more calories than it has now.

Why am I harvesting stuff from bunnies in the open? Let me carry them so I can do those things somewhere warmer.

That's it for now. Keep up the good work, I'm rooting for this game's success.

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Thanks for the feedback - Glad you're enjoying yourself enough to share your thoughts!

We have a couple of threads requesting autowalk/run. I have passed along this request. In the meantime, you can at least go into your options menu and select the "Toggle to run" option. You'll still have to hold your forward movement key, but you won't have to hold a second key. I know it's not the same, but maybe it'll help a small bit.

If you see animals defying gravity, please take a screenshot with your F8 key. This will save a file directly to your desktop with coordinates and other information we can use to locate the area and weed out the problem.

We actually added a new soundscape that should give you some auditory indicators about weather changes. Of course, sometimes a surprise blizzard might hit you, and we're still working on fine tuning some things, but it should be a bit easier now to use audio and visual clues to help you figure out when a storm is approaching. Like I said though, it is still being tuned.

Transporting carcasses is also a note I've passed along.

Thanks again and welcome to the forums!

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