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I'm personally getting tired of missing shots because I can barely see what I am aiming for.

So, I would like to suggest a function similar to how DayZ's aiming works.

If you aim, your gun disappears and you instantly zoom in to where you are aiming. Possibly with a small crosshair.

It would make shooting animals so much more easier. And I wouldn't have to worry so much over wasting my precious ammo.

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Odd, since I haven't been able to hit anything. Even if I line it up perfectly. The only way I can hit something, is if it's incredibly close which makes it a bit difficult to get the wrapped up in furs achievement. I can't kill bears from a distance.

It would be much easier if they had better aim in the game. Rather than a bulky barrel, allow one to actually see what you are aiming for.

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I can't hit anything further than +/-10 meters since the sights were changed. I admit I used to 'cheat' by lining up the dot before bringing up the rifle. Now I can only get one shot on a wolf before I have to go hands on. The front post seems to be a bit high leading me to think that the round is passing over my target but I haven't invested the ammo trying out this theory as of yet.

Is accuracy a function of weapon condition? No idea. Might want to look into that.

I have no more luck at 100% so if it does it isn't my only problem.

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